One Month Down, Lots To Go

I told myself that I’d post every weekday for a month straight, to get myself into the habit of writing and hopefully improve my admittedly amateur skills through a prose boot camp of sorts, and it feels good to cross that threshold. There was quite a bit of history that I wanted to get out there and now I’ve done it.

I may not post quite as much but it’s pretty hard to keep me quiet, so expect to hear plenty.

For anyone that’s been reading regularly, if you exist, thanks.

If you’ve been commenting, thank you for that too.  It let’s me know I’m not screaming at a wall.

And a special thanks to Jacob at iHeartBudgets.  He’s my Interwebz friend forever after selflessly tweeting out some of my entries, and mentioning me in a weekly wrap-up.

You’ve got my gratitude!

Also, a big thanks to for picking up my student loan payoff story.  I can now say that I’ve been interviewed at least once in my life!  And by my frugal bother from another mother, Bill Fay, no less.

And finally, the biggest thanks of all to Mrs. No Waste, who is the de facto editor of this site.  She does a great job polishing up the drivel that I mash out of the keyboard.  She’s my partner in everything, and this is no different.

Oh yeah, she also stays home, chasing our two kids around, but I’m really not sure what it is exactly that she does all day to keep herself so busy?

♥♥♥ :) ♥♥♥

So where to from here?  Oh, I imagine one day I’ll hit a burn out point and stop writing, leaving these posts to collect digital dust for all eternity.

But that day is not today and you’ll be hearing from me soon.  In the meantime, here’s a quick recap:

How’d I Get Here?

$30,000 In Student Loans

Why I’m A Boglehead

Wastes Of The Week

Net Worth – July 2013

This stuff’s a little out there:

Microwaves And Video Games

Where Stocks Are Headed Next (With Financial Blunder Bonus!)

The Problem With Inherited Wealth

Just-In-Time Budgeting

I Once Ate An Entire Large Pepperoni Pizza

There Is No Financial Decision Bubble

I Own Whole Life Insurance

Laziness Through Hard Work


Have a great weekend!

No Waste

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20 thoughts on “One Month Down, Lots To Go

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Greetings to you Gas Brother.

      I’m glad you’re always stopping in and contributing. I don’t have near your street cred, but I’ll try to return the favor somehow.

  1. DC @ Young Adult Money

    Keep up the good work! As someone who has posted 5+ times a week for over a year now, it’s definitely easy to hit burnout unless you have a long-term goal for the site. Mine is to create a side income to fund our monthly student loan and mortgage payments, and that definitely has kept me working hard at developing the site and spending countless hours planning and writing content.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…The Weekly Quick Hits RoundupMy Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      That ‘B’ word. I hope to keep it far away for me, at least for awhile.

      You’re right about having a clear, long-term vision. Setting goals, lining up your chess pieces in just the right way, and then executing a perfect strike.

      What was I talking about again?

      I imagine I’ll eventually be scraping the bottom of the creative barrel and start a series about losing weight or buying scratch-off lotto tickets.

      But not yet.

      Thanks for stopping in and contributing again!

  2. John S @ Frugal Rules

    Keep up the great work! Like DC, I’ve been posting 5+ times per week for the last year and he’s right on about burnout and having a long term vision for where you want to see your site go.

    I too am thankful for my wife – for a countless number of things, not to mention the fact that she is my editor as well. I am pretty certain that most of my readers would have their eyes bleed if they had to read my unfiltered ramblings.
    John S @ Frugal Rules recently posted…Frugal Friday: Should We Sue PayDay Loan Lenders?My Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Thanks for stopping in and saying as much, I really appreciate the feedback.

      The wives tend to keep it in check, and their perspectives are so honest that you can’t help but value and implement them.

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Joe, you’re a stay at home Dad.

      I’m amazed if you find time to bathe.

      Thanks for stopping in and contributing!

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Yes, I agree. Writing for the sake of writing doesn’t lead to anywhere good.

      It’s a very difficult thing to balance, good thing this ain’t my day job!

  3. Brad @

    That’s amazingly impressive! I seem to get bogged down in my regular life and can’t post more than 2-3 times a week on a good week.

    I’m still rather new at this and have to get better at pacing myself and just sitting down to write on a regular basis.

    Looking forward to reading many more of your posts…
    Brad @ recently posted…How a Family of Four with a $100,000 Yearly Income Pays only $6,400 in Federal Income TaxMy Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      I don’t think I have it in me to produce readable content five times a week, I’m blown away by anybody that can.

      Just like everything else, I’ve found the more I write, the easier it gets.

      Keep going, we will grow our CPA Blogger Army, slowly but surely.

  4. Thomas | Your Daily Finance

    Keep pushing on No Waste! I am looking forward to reading more of your posts so bring them on. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and are ready for a new week of writing and posting. I certainly don’t think I can handle 5 posts per week so I only do 2-3 at most on my mine site. I do have a few other sites so I guess you can say I average about 5 posts per weeks but the are on different subjects.
    Thomas | Your Daily Finance recently posted…Selling a Blog for Millions: Interview with Jim Wang of BargaineeringMy Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Thanks for stopping in, a variety of subjects will inevitably find its way onto this site – just to keep my brain fresh if nothing else.

      Fantasy Football is coming up, so that’s a likely candidate.

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