I Don’t Trust You, Mega Corp

I checked Mint this morning, like I do every day, and saw a green number in a transaction attached to a credit card we use sparingly.  As in, when the major card we use for everything to maximize cash rewards, isn’t accepted.

Admiral Ackbar knows what’s up.

I stared at the number for a minute, expecting it to change, to disappear, to injure my person, even.  To do…something! It just glowed back at me, unblinking, unflinching. What do you want $10.00 Mystery Credit?!  Who sent you?!  Why are you here?!  I want the truth!

No response.  Alright,  let’s bring in the Good Cop.

Listen, Mystery Credit, I get it.  You’re in a weird place, you don’t know how you got here, you don’t understand why you’re so positive.   Let me help you, I can get you back home. I’m on your side!

His steely gaze was unbroken, this guy was good.  So I logged into the bank directly and found this:

 Credit - Copy

 What, You Can’t Read That?

No help there, so now I’m in a waiting game.  What’s that you say?  Just call or IM a representative you say?  Well, where’s the sport in that?  I wanna see how this thing wraps up organically.

You see, I don’t trust you Mega Corp.

I don’t feel you’ve got my best interests at heart so when something unexpected happens, like a $10 Promo Credit, I’m put on edge and find myself in a defensive posture.  What’s your angle here?  If I keep the money without saying anything, will you start charging me $10 a month next year due to the finest of fine print information you shared with me at some point in our relationship?

Or, is this some kind of cat and mouse game?  While I’m focused on this, are you planning to siphon off that and then some from my checking account, Ocean’s 11 style?

What do you want from me?!

Instead of looking at this as a moment of good fortune, I’m trying to shoo it away like an old woman on a front porch in her nightgown wielding a broom at an unwelcome varmint.  And I just can’t believe this is what our relationship has come down to, after all these years.  Growing apart, instead of together.

I don’t trust you!

Have they removed the Bank Error In Your Favor card from Monopoly yet?  That’s effectively a dead concept, isn’t it?  Have you ever had a bank error in your favor? Two lollipops stuck together doesn’t count.

I don’t think this is cause for us to break up, Mega Corp card, but I just can’t sleep easy anymore not knowing what tricks you’ve got up your sleeve.  I know regulators are coming down hard on fees and doing what they can to protect consumers and this is squeezing your margins.

Could it be that this is a gift from my friendly neighborhood Senator, trying to right what was once wrong? Because we all know, those folks are all about serving the public’s needs ahead of their own.

Should I be nervous about this or am I making a mountain out of a camel’s sewing needle?

Stay tuned for up to the minute breaking news alerts on Credit Crisis 2013.

Card - Copy

 I Probably Shouldn’t Have Used My Actual Account Number

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12 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust You, Mega Corp

  1. Grayson @ Debt Roundup

    I have received these credits in the past. My credit card company wanted me to start spending again, so they provided me with a nice incentive. I used the promo ($100) and then went on with my life. I didn’t spend any more than that. This was 4 years ago and I never paid anything extra on it, nor did they try to charge me something else. I don’t even have that account anymore. It seems more of a marketing tactic.
    Grayson @ Debt Roundup recently posted…RetailMeNot Could Buy Your Shopping CartMy Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      Your explanation makes a lot of sense, this card gets very little activity.

      I welcome any and all additional promo credits they’d like to pass on.

      I guess their thinking is, we give them $10, and they’ll spend $20.


  2. jacob | iHeartBudgets

    Most likely it’s an alien life form trying to communicate to you through an unexplained statement credit. They knew you would investigate, and will now send signals through advertising….such as “Large Pepperoni only $9.99″. It’s probably a sign that human life is about to go extinct…so you might as well live it up now with all that free cash!
    jacob | iHeartBudgets recently posted…Ultimate Budget Series: Part 4 – HousingMy Profile

    1. No WasteNo Waste Post author

      This is sounding more and more likely. I’ll happily spend it on what I would normally buy.

      Probably customize my jet ski or something practical like that.

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