Green zero waste laundry detergent swap

For several years, I have used a big-brand laundry detergent. The old-school, caustic stuff is pretty cheap on Amazon’s Subscribe-n-Save plan (I know this is not the most frugal Amazon option, but running out of laundry detergent is not an option in this house). Today I swapped our auto-ship laundry detergent to the more zero waste Biokleen liquid.

Biokleen’s zero waste product is compatible¬†with plants and soil. It is also concentrated. It has a plastic bottle which is not very zero waste of me, but I will use fewer containers per year due to its concentration.

Best of all, it’s less expensive than the toxic stuff I had been using!

I am going to be making several more swaps out of my Subscribe and Save plan to incorporate zero waste products that are biodegradable and involve less packaging

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