No more little pink wrappers!

These wrappers are killin me Several years ago, I purchased on Amazon a huge box of Sweet-n-Low packets for DH to put in his morning coffee. And it was a huge box – 3000 packets!! Price per ounce is almost free at that amount (and if you are purchasing for a workplace, this is a very good deal).

However, if the janitorial staff consists of only oneself, this purchase can and did get a little irritating. I started finding little pink wrappers all over the kitchen almost every day. Sometimes just the top of the wrapper, sometimes the larger half (sprinkling remaining white powder on floor, dog, cat, my bare feet, etc.). I like to think of myself as someone who doesn’t sweat the small stuff, but I apparently had my limit.

I marched the box of pink stuff down to the church for use in the fellowship hall (I have never seen a random pink packet on the fellowship hall floor – maybe they disintegrate on the descent like a reverse-manna process).

In the damnable box’s place, I ordered a bulk bag of sweetener and this:

I love it – it’s plastic, so it won’t shatter and hand washable (how hard is it to wash something that holds a highly dissolvable substance? Even I can handle that!).

Haven’t seen a little pink wrapper since!!!

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